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Dream Car Rental is a one-stop destination for getting fast, reliable and cheap car rental in Singapore. We are based in Singapore and offer vehicle leasing services for personal and professional uses at very reasonable prices. We have been in this industry for more than 30 years and pride in ourselves for having hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the Singapore. This enables us to guarantee that you will get nothing less than satisfying and quality car rental services.

You do not need to worry about maintenance and repair payment, once you choose our services. We have a team of highly experienced and industry trained technicians who are always ready to provide quick services whenever you need. We do not take extra money for maintenance and repair services work as all the maintenance and repair work is covered in our lease contract.

Being the leading vehicle leasing company, we are dedicated to offer reliable, quality and honest car leasing services to our every client. We offer well-maintained and luxury vehicle. Moreover, we thoroughly inspect our every vehicle before any new assignment to ensure that your travelling experience with us is hassle-free, safe and reliable.

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Get reliable and affordable vehicle leasing services with Dream Car Rental

When it comes to getting quality, professional and prompt car rental services in Singapore, there is no better option than Dream Car Rental. We are one of the most trusted singapore car rental companies and specialize in offering cheap and budget-friendly leasing services for both short term and long term use.

Whether you need car lease services for corporate and private use, we guarantee to offer reliable, honest and professional leasing services whenever and wherever you need. We offer young, cleaned and well maintained fleet to deliver quality and safe leasing services to our every client.

Clients safety and comfort is our utmost attention. Our every fleet is rigorously checked before every assignment to ensure that your traveling experience will be a hassle-free experience. If you want to take our services, then simply browse our website.

Our process of vehicle leasing is as simple as 1, 2 and 3. Just call us to check your desired car availability and prices. Once quoted, reserve the vehicle of your choice. We guarantee to get the car of your choice at the assigned destination, date and time.

If you have any query related to our services, you can talk with our friendly experts. Our experts are pleased to answer all the questions regarding car leasing services. Providing a level of service that exceed our clients’ attention is our main goal.

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Dream Car Rental: one-stop place for getting cheap and reliable car leasing services in Singapore

When it comes to getting reliable, prompt and budget car rental rental services in Singapore, Dream Car Rental is the only destination for you. Located in Kaki Bukti, Eastern Singapore, we have been providing personalized rental services at unbeatable prices.

Whether you want rental services for city tour, to and from airport transfer, corporate travel or other private purposes, we are always available to provide you with cheap, reliable and budget-friendly leasing services. We have a large range of fleet range that will perfectly go with all your occasions.

Our every vehicle is regularly cleaned and properly checked by industry trained mechanics before every assignment. This will enable us to ensure that your traveling experience with us in 100% safe, comfortable, enjoyable and economical.

Unlike other rental companies, we have no any maintenance charges. This means that you do not need to pay any charges for any kind of repairing and maintenance work. Our process of leasing a vehicle is extremely simple. Call us to book the car of your choice and make payment. We will provide you a car at a convenient location on time. Providing cheap and budget-friendly alternative to every client is our main goal.

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Want to Lease Luxury Cars in Singapore?

Life is uncertain and can smack your days upside down whenever it can without any proper ultimatum in that case. If you are undergoing major fiscal issues, then it’s always better to lease a car for your business given it’s more of a sensible decision for one and all. In case you own a small business or maybe a start-up in that case then leasing a car may prove you less costly, affordable, and easily available with various other benefits as well.

If you are planning to take proper car rental in Singapore services then it’s important to understand various benefits of the same. But before you choose the service, make sure you know it all and can make the most of the services at the most affordable rates possible. Have a look at various benefits that car leasing services possess for one and all as mention:

Proper Monthly Payments 

In case you are purchasing a new or used car then certainly you are supposed to pay the entire car upfront in one go. Meanwhile, while leasing a car, one needs to pay the part of residual payment value. Moreover, the overall cost of simply leasing a car is much lower than when you actually purchase one and moreover lease period is generally a short one too. The lease cost is approx. the present value of the car minus the value of return on it. One needs to pay the proper interest charged for any services. In case the value of a car is more than what is expected than you need to pay less. It’ better to lease as you can afford a car at flexible payment plan and lowest price possible.

Reduced Tax Deduction   

Taxes come to reduction or lowest possible rates because one just needs to pay the value of car that is in use. Moreover, the amount of interest is tactfully spread over in multiple months, which can actually result in lowest possible amount payable. Additionally, as you derive the right benefits of a tax deduction for leasing services, then certainly you are saving hell lot of dollars already.

Comparatively Lesser Maintenance Cost

You can get the best possible leasing services with proper warranty by the manufacturer. This can actually ensure you proper and effective remedial maintenance whenever needed.


Car Leasing Services Got Easy

Your cars are your style personified partners that posses your esteem in your owning one. What if things aren’t going your way and your dream of purchasing a luxury car isn’t fulfilled yet; you have got the option of looking for budget car rental services for one and all. Simply look for experts who are there to render just the right services to their clients world-wide.  Moreover, leasing a car is a far better option than purchasing one as they are highly affordable and can be extremely easy and comfortable to look for online. So instead of buying one today, think if you can actually lease them at the most affordable rates possible.

Comparatively less Interest and Always Better than Buying        

Make the most of their services as experts make sure that everything just goes well with your requirements. All you have to do is to look for your options online and choose the one that goes well with your requirements. So instead of buying one it’s always a better choice to lease one at comparatively lower interest rate and proper use of your investment as well. Look for the best in business experts as they deem to offer just the right services for one and all.

Look for Better Options Online

Aspiring to make the most of your investments and thus ensure that everything goes just fine on your level? Turn things according to your use and then ensure what suits you better and make the most of the services that come your way for good.